The Nippon Sanso Holdings Group is a global corporation with 300 group companies and approximately 20,000 staff, operating in four regions around the world: Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia/Oceania. The mission of Nippon Sanso Holdings Group, as an industrial gas professional, is to contribute widely to the development of global industries ad the creation of a future sustainable society. To achieve this, we develop flexible and speedy customer-oriented businesses in each region while striving to provide truly valuable gas solutions supported by systems  that facilitate individual strengths to be combined freely across borders.

Nippon Sanso Holdings Group started Industrial Gas Business on October 30, 1910 in Japan and had contributed greatly to both the Japan economy and industry as the leading company for manufacturing industrial gases and plants. In 1980s, Nippon Sanso Holdings Group entered the industrial gas market in the United States as well as started business development in the Asia/Oceania region. In 2018, Nippon Sanso Holding Group entered Europe, another major market for industrial gases, and established a presence as a comprehensive industrial gas brand in a total of 12 countries, mainly Spain and Portugal as well as Germany and Italy.

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