Nitrogen (N2)

Nitrogen has two important properties, one is inertness and another is very low temperature (-196oC) in liquid form. Gaseous Nitrogen has a wide variety of industrial application, with special relevance to the chemical, glass, electronics, metallurgical industries.

Liquid Nitrogen is extremely useful in a wide range in pharmaceutical and beverages. Nitrogen is used for replacement of combustible gas, pressurization, prevention of oxidization, freezing and processing for food, rubber deflashing.

Some industries Nitrogen is applied:

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Metal Production
Food & Beverage
Oil & Gas

Oxygen (O2)

There are various applications of oxygen. It is used in metallurgy at steel mills, and non-ferrous-metal industries, mainly used welding & cutting iron and steel using oxyacetylene touches in shipbuilding and construction. It is also assisted in medical advances.

Some industries Oxygen is applied:

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Metal Production
Pulp & Paper
Welding & Metal Fabrication

Hydrogen (H2) 

Hydrogen is used mainly for reaction in chemical and glass industries as well as for cooling down gas turbine of power plants (an energy carrier). It is also used in the reduction of oxide ores in the synthesis of ammoniac (at fertilizer plant) and in electronics. Hydrogen is also used in the metallurgy field because of its ability to reduce metal oxides and prevent oxidization of metals in heat treating certain metals and alloys.

Some industries Hydrogen is applied:

Glass industry
Welding & Metal Fabrication

Argon (Ar) 

Argon is valued for its total inertness, in particular at high temperature. Argon is used in critical industrial processes such as the manufacturing of high quality stainless steels and production of impurity – free silicon crystals for semi-conductor manufacture. Argon is used as a protective atmosphere for certain foodstuffs, notably fruits and vegetable. For instance, it significantly increases lettuce storage life. Preserving lettuce require Oxygen, since it continues to “breathe” even after it was harvested. Nevertheless, too much Oxygen can cause lettuce to deteriorate. This deterioration is slowed down by the addition of Argon to lettuce when it is being packaged. In Metallurgy and Welding, Argon is also used to create an inert protective atmosphere between liquid metal and surrounding air. The gas offers protection against oxidation risks and reduces smoke emissions.

Some industries Argon is applied:

Welding & Metal Fabrication
Metal production


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We would like to announce CHANGE AREA CODES TELEPHONES by circular No. 22/2014 / TT-BTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications

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The Da Nang seafood service and Lien Chieu industrial parks have been selected to develop a low-carbon model and assist businesses to cut emissions under a project started in 2012.

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A decision to this effect was approved by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at a cabinet meeting on Thursday.


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