As information about us, NSVN always improves towards Professionalism - Efficiency to serve customers in the best. We are recognized by international certifications such as:

  •  International standard ISO 9001: 2015
  •  International standard ISO 14001: 2015
  •  International standard ISO 45001: 2018

on Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health management system.

Accordingly, one of our top philosophies we care about is the safety of our customers - SAFETY IS FIRST. We focus on even the smallest of things to ensure that all potential hazards in the workplace are identified, discovered, and controlled to minimize risks, incidents, and accidents. our employees as well as those of our customers.


From those directions, we have established the Policy:


Aims to provide our customers with the basic knowledge of the industrial gas field. At the same time, we will guide customers on the safest and most effective method of handling, preserving, using, storing and transporting industrial gas products.


Aims to provide our customers advice on unsafe positions, jobs, and actions. From there, our customers can improve the safety culture in the use of industrial gas products for their employees by identifying potentially hazardous hazards. Safety checking at the customer's factory is a prerequisite to improve safety awareness, increase the use-value of equipment and increase our business goals with customers, ensuring long-term business as well as providing the best goods & services.

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